Monday, December 10, 2012

Cam Cameron fired? Confirmed!

     The Baltimore Ravens have fired Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron. As confirmed by the Baltimore Sun today, Quarterback's Coach Jim Caldwell (formerly of the Indianapolis Colts) will be Cameron's replacement as Offensive Coordinator. A source from the Raven's organization said, "Inconsistency and the lack of progression." lead to this decision.  The Ravens started strong on Sunday against the Redskins but the lopsided performance is not what any one wants to see this time of the season. The Ravens face Manning and his Denver Broncos next week at M & T Bank Stadium. Lets see if this change is the spark the offense has needed!

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Been a little quiet lately.....

    Hey folks no worries we didn't go away. I have been a bit under the weather since last Thursday and Greg is also going to be laid up for a bit. We did do a Podcast following the Orioles loss but I have had a few problems uploading it. More updates and such coming soon!

Peace and good vibes,


Friday, October 12, 2012

Game 5 - A Season On the Line

     Does anyone else getfeeling that this Orioles vs. Yankees series is alot like a boxing match?  The Yankees taking game 1, Orioles game 2, Yankees 3, and then last nights back and forth punches from inning to inning with the terrific pitchers on both teams, yet the O's finidng a way to get it done! First one team is on the ropes, then the next..and it just keeps alternating. It's really been one of the better ALDS series played so far. 
     This evening's game will pit Sabathia vs. Hamels, a rematch from game 1 of this series. Both pitchers did very well and it wasn't until the Orioles bullpen came in that the Yankees exploded for 6 runs and ran away with the win. What do the O's need to do to win tonight? 

     Here's my thoughts: 
 1. Get to Sabathia early. Make him work, get on base, and try to push runs across. The longer he stays on the mound with less work, just the better he gets. I would love to see him chased early from the game! If you can start knocking him around, he is susceptible to big innings. 

2. Plate discipline for O's hitters. Just take your time, work your counts, wait for your pitch. Keep fouling them off until you get something you like. There were so many pitches in the dirt swung at and missed last night. Chris Davis had three in a row. They need to focus and be patient. 

3. Just smart baserunning. Lew Ford getting picked off at first at first last night ended up not being a glaring mistake, but it can't happen again. At 5:07, the Orioles fight to stay alive in this postseason. They can do it, but if the rest of this series has been any indication it'll be a back and forth to the end. 

Let's hope the O's can stay off the ropes though and knock those Yankees out! 

 - Greg

Baltimore comes out on top! Tie series and force game 5.

     Have the O's finally gotten their jitters out? I don't know about you but I sure hope so! Inning after inning the pitchers did what they had to do. The main thing that concerns me is the fact that both Adam Jones and Chris Davis were swinging at everything. At one point late in the game it almost seemed like Davis was tired at the plate or didn't care swinging at balls that were in the dirt. Something was bugging those guys and I sure hope they have figured it out. Tomorrow night is it. Thursday night the defense proved they are ready, the pitching was also spot on. The bats and the base runners need to stay smart, relax and just go for those base hits. Forget about the fence, hit it in the gaps and move the base runners forward. If you are not going to steal second then please keep you head in the game and not get picked off.

     Tonight JJ Hardy came through when his squad needed him the most, and Jimmy Johnson redeemed himself. These guys need to come to the game tomorrow ready to hit the ball. Pitching can only carry a team so far, and we need some big at bats to show that lights out pitching staff some much needed love. I gotta tell you, when Machado got on to 3rd base I could not sit any longer. I was up and pacing back and forth. I am also not watching the game on TBS. I am listening to it on WBAL 1090 AM. If you are watching it then you are missing out on better play calling! In case you missed it because you went to bed, below is the game winning double by JJ Hardy. That is all we need tomorrow consistent base hits, or as Greg like to call them, bloopers in the gaps to move runners along.

Let's get this done!


Thursday, October 11, 2012

For O's about to rock....

     The mood is solemn. The same thing is on the minds of every baseball fan in Baltimore. The fans know that their team has what it takes but chose not to say anything except, "I Believe." The powder keg of emotion's is filling up. Question's and doubt's begin to build but you remind your self to push those aside. You choose to send positive thoughts in the direction of your beloved Orioles. The day seems to drag, and you start thinking back to every season since 1997. Then it hits you. We should not be here! This team is different. This team is special. THIS TEAM IS AWESOME!!!! A song pops into your head and you make it your own and dedicate this anthem to the team you love! For O's About to ROCK, We Salute You!

Buckle up Yankees fans because this O's train is rolling full steam ahead baby!!!!

Peace and good vibes,


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Not just one hero, but a team of hero's.

     I have to be honest, when I first started hearing the "Orioles Magic" song a few weeks ago I was like, "What is this?" in a very sarcastic tone. You know what though? This team does have something special about them that really has me excited for their post season. Not so much excited for that song though. Lets take a moment and think about the personalities on this O's team. Going through the roster I can not think of a single player that you could honestly label as a jerk, or greedy, or even selfish. They are all looking out for each other and every single one of them is contributing and not spitting out any drama. What do I mean by drama? Well now take a second and scroll back into your memory the following names: Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Manny Ramirez, Alex Rodriguez, Albert Belle. Sure every one of them had talent, but they also brought along a mountain of drama that really put a drag on team moral. I will never for get when Clemens won his first World Series with the Yankees, I believe Paul O'Neill's father passed away that day. In support of Paul the Yankees all kept their celebration kind of mellow, but then you had Clemens, he was the only one with a giant grin on his face and jumping up and down screaming. At that moment I realized he was in it only for him not for his team or the fans but for him. That day I lost any shred of respect I had left for Roger Clemens.

     Below is an interview with coach Showalter and I think he really says it best in regards to the chemistry of this team.

I could not have said it better than myself!

Next up is a segment that was aired on FOX 25 in Boston back in 2006. I am the guy referred to as "Case Man" You will know its me when you hear the Clemens doormat comment.

Peace and good vibes. Let's Go O's!!!


Baltimore stuns Texas!

     Bases loaded with 2 outs, tying run at the plate. Texas fans are waving their towels and have their rally caps on. The pitch! The moment that the ring from the crack of the bat reaches their ears Texas fans stand to their feet. The ball is hit high and far. Then Cal Ripken Jr. breaks the bad news to Rangers fans all over the world, "He's got it." Moments later the ball lands in the glove. Game over, the Orioles are going to the ALDS and have won the first ever AL Wildcard game! Every single player from Baltimore contributed one way or another. How many times have you seen other teams pretty much carried by one or 2 big bats? Every one on the O's roster can hit the ball and place it where it needs to go. If you have not listened to our Podcast from tonight feel free to give it a listen. I will be at the game on Sunday and am excited for an exciting series vs. the Yanks. This team has something special going on, they are hungry and each player is looking out for the other. I for one am excited by the prospect of a "Battle of the Beltway" World Series!